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Lamentations After a L.A. Kings Loss

Editors Note: Plenty of Los Angeles Kings fans were dismayed at the effort of their team last night. In Justin’s premiere article, he captures the mood of the Kings fans from the Staples Center, as it happened.

Staples Center Panorama

Image by sandy.redding via Flickr

Los Angeles, California The sting of defeat is always unpleasant. If you have ever played sports or any game of any kind, you know what I am talking about. That volatile mixture of anger, frustration, disappointment, can be a tough pill to swallow. I experienced all of those feelings and more (the urge to break every window at Staples Center while chanting “that was easy!” comes to mind) in watching the Kings completely crumble in a 3-0 loss to the New Jersey Devils Tuesday night.

After the game was over, and after I finished breaking some windows, I tried to figure out what I had just watched. The fan reaction to watching their team, who was 5-1-1 going into last night’s game with three consecutive shutouts and four consecutive wins, was brutal to say the least. I was stunned as I sat there trying to isolate what the problem was. Everybody has a bad day and certainly professional sports are no exception, but the complete breakdown on the fundamentals of the game of hockey is absolutely inexcusable. The Kings last night could not shoot, could not pass, and could not set up a play if their lives depended on it. At one point the Kings were literally doing circles on the ice. In my head I was thinking, “is this the Ice Capades!?” Just as I had thought that, a fan echoed my sentiment quite well in a tribute that was fitting of the Tasmanian Devil.

“We needed to be better,” Kings Coach Terry Murray said. “Bernier was fine. He played well. This was not about the goaltending. This is all about managing the pucks and turnovers and giveaways that ended up being very easy goals against.” I agree with Coach Murray completely. The Kings defense, or lack thereof, was to blame for the loss. You can’t turn the puck over that many times, against any team, and live to tell the tale.

That being said, Bernier was shaky in net last night. The first goal against him on the night came about during a highly questionable interference issue which I think resulted in a dirty goal. The second goal which came at 13:12 of the second period by Dainius Zubrus, was the result of a great play by the Devils and there was not much Bernier could do about that. The third goal however, was a soft goal. Patrik Elias scored two shots later on a wrist shot that Bernier should have stopped.

It’s going to be a long season. Everybody makes mistakes. The Kings are poised to make a deep run this run this year if they can minimize those mistakes and avoid games like last night. Because if they can’t, The Staples Center is going to need a lot of new windows.

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