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A Royal Implosion

Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images –

Matt Greene screams for mercy as Jaime McGinn crushes Alec Martinez into the boards.

Did I say 4 games straight? I meant 5. With the Kings disappointing 4-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks last night, the Kings have only one win in their last seven games (1-4-2), have been shut out twice in the same time span and are now on the verge of imploding.

Deep breath. Long sigh.

This was the Kings first meeting against the Sharks since being eliminated in the first round of the playoff’s last season by them in 6 games. I was expecting a closer matchup between these two teams. I was expecting the Kings to halt their downward slide. I was expecting to win. I was expecting…..REVENGE! Instead, all I got was a brutal beat down and a refresher on why the San Jose Sharks might be the best team in the Western Conference. Watching last night’s game was difficult. After such a strong season start (the Kings were 6-2-1 before heading into the abyss), it’s tough to sit and watch the Kings lose night after night. Especially since Kings GM Dean Lombardi worked so hard over the off-season to pull together the talent required to be a serious contender for the Stanley Cup.

Here is a quick overview of what happened this summer:

During the off-season, the Kings organization spent some serious money. The Kings signed free agent Simon Gagne for $7 million dollars (over 2 years), acquired Mike Richards from Philadelphia for $51.6 million (with nine years left on his contract), and re-signed Drew Doughty to an eight-year, $56 million contract. The total = $114.6 million dollars. By way of comparison, the Los Angeles Kings were purchased out of bankruptcy in 1995 by AEG for roughly $113.25 million. Thus over the summer, the Kings spent more money then what it cost to buy the team. Now I’m no math expert, but in business, this is usually not a good idea. However, with that being said, these acquisitions were done with clear intent. To win the Stanley Cup!  “Lets go win some Cups,” said Time Leiweke, chief executive of AEG, after signing Drew Doughty.

I couldn’t agree more. With the Kings having a big fat zero in the Stanley Cup department, I truly believe that now is our time. I mean the friggin’ Ducks have a cup already. It’s OUR turn! The Kings have the talent to challenge anyone in the Western Conference. Yet with all of that money and all of that talent, something is missing. As a fan and as a writer, all I can do is observe and make my opinions known to the world through my articles. It’s not like I have a direct line to Terry Murray or anything.

Note to self: get Terry Murray’s phone number.

In the Kings season thus far I have noticed many things. But one of them is that the Kings of late seem to be devoid of any emotion, almost robotic like at times. I propose that emotion is what the L.A. Kings need to inject into their hearts and minds. Play with the fire of a thousand suns. Play is if every game was game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the score is tied. Leave every ounce of your strength and soul on the ice. Play as if there were no tomorrow. For if the Kings continue to play the way they are playing, they will be watching their televisions as the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup.

The Kings are back at Staples Center tonight vs. the Nashville Predators. 7:30 PM on Fox Sports West. GO KINGS GO!

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