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Grand Re-Opening

We’ve heard our readers, taken the pulse of where this blog is headed and are re-introducing you to The Bleacher Bums. The blog, as I envisioned it months ago, was to be a reader driven forum for us to begin sports dialogue with other like minded sports nuts. We always have and will continue to encourage reader input into content and direction.

In the six weeks since we’ve gone live, NHL Hockey has emerged as the clear cut reader favorite in terms of content and subject (Thank you, Justin for your vision and dedication in getting us here). As such, we will rededicate the Bleacher Bums blog as a hockey blog going forward. The sport of hockey is, in our humble opinion, underappreciated in the U.S. It’s a niche sport relegated to dedicated puckheads on the East Coast and other colder climates (not our opinion but a fascinating statement I’ve heard repeated many times over the years), buried beneath MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA Football and NASCAR in terms of overall U.S. popularity (these results vary by which report and which popularity metric – there are several – you use).

Sadly, it’s these dedicated fans across the U.S. who are underserved in terms of news, coverage and exposure by major media outlets. Ever tried to watch hockey highlights on ESPN? Blink and you’ll miss them! Fox Sports coverage is often not much better. Our only hope is that NBC Sports Network (nee Versus effective 1/2/12) continues to expand their coverage of NHL games and becomes a staple of basic cable programming as it’s still not available on all carriers/providers except through “expanded”, “premium” or “sports”  packages which typically cost more than people are willing to pay.

In the meantime, we’ll provide commentary on the latest in the hockey world and invite you to join in the fun as we steer the blog in a whole new direction. Thanks again for all of your input and please keep it coming!

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