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Nashville and Los Angeles dealt Concussion blows and no news is (_____) news from Pittsburgh?

Shea Weber

Shea Weber for the Nashville Predators and Simon Gagne for the Los Angeles Kings have both gone down due to concussion. For Nashville, the loss of their Captain and star Defenseman couldn’t happen at a worse time as they are battling to stay in contention in the Western Conference and are 18-14-4 with 40 points as they prep to host the Minnesota Wild.

According to the team, he suffered the injury in Friday’s game against the Stars and coach Barry Trotz is (perhaps very) optimisitc that they’ll have Weber back by this Friday.  Weber has 8 Goals and 21 Assists and is currently 4th in the NHL in ice time clocking in a whopping 26 minutes and 10 seconds per game.

Simon GagneFor the Kings and reported through various sources, the reason that Simon Gagne did not make the Kings road trip is concussion related and not good news at all for a player who’s had multiple concussions in the past. A more thorough explanation is expected tomorrow.

Sidney Crosby

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Maybe the Pens and Coach Dan Bylsma have listened to my colleague Justin and finally honored his requests to quit updating Sidney Crosby’s status every day. In fact, Bylsma has gone into the turtle (a very unusual maneuver for a former winger) on the status of not only Crosby but defenseman Kris Letang, who has been out since November 26 with a concussion as well. A very unusual 180 degree turn in PR handling for either player and certainly for  the face of the Franchise.  Makes you wonder if all that nonsense about ‘no news is good news’ is accurate. If you’re a Pens fan, I’m guessing the answer is a resounding NO!

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