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We Have Great News, and Even Better News!

OK, that was just me taking a comment by Philly’s goalie Ilya Bryzgalov earlier today and using it for my own purposes. By the way, the actual comment from ‘The Universe’ was spoken in the possessive and referring to him being benched for tomorrows Winter Classic in favor of backup Sergei Bobrovsky. To be fair, I think Coach Laviolette is making the right decision based on who the hot hand is right now, and it’s not Bryzgalov. launchGallery(26480, 690746)

Maybe he gets it too, saying, “I have great news and even better news. OK, great news is I’m not playing, and better news is we have a chance to win the game.” Then again, he does have a way with his humor, so maybe, like a lot of comedians out there he’s hiding his hurt with humor.

Bryzgalov can hide behind humor or opine (without Coach’s permission) about a decision that clearly irks him, but the fact of the matter is the $51 million dollar man has hit a mid season skid. After ripping off 6 straight wins to begin the month of December, he went 0-3-1 while giving up 16 goals for the balance of the month including getting yanked early in a December 17th tilt against the Bruins where he gave up 5 goals in just over one period of play.

So far this year, Bryz’s number look like this : 14-8-3 with a 3.01 GAA and a .890 Save % in 26 Games Played. On the other hand, Bobrovsky has looked pretty solid this year between the pipes with a 8-2-1 record and 2.52 GAA on a .914 Save % in 14 Games. If ‘The Universe’ is coming unhinged, a little downtime to realign the stars may be just what the doctor ordered. The Flyers can only hope Bryzgalov doesn’t morph into a black hole  where $51 million dollars disappear in one season.

And, yes, we do have great news and better news. The Great News? Because of weather, the time for tomorrows Winter Classic has been bumped up two hours to Noon Pacific. The Even Better News?  Two MORE hours of live coverage at Citizens Bank Park courtesy of the NHL Network! As a side note EA Sports has run their simulation of the event and have the Flyers winning 3-1. This was done on Wednesday however and didn’t factor in the change in net for the Flyers. Apparently, the minds and computers over at EA Sports have had some successes recently and you can read about them here.

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