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Alfredsson & Chara named All-Star Team Captains

The NHL announced on Wednesday that Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators and his former Senator teammate (and now Boston Bruin captain), Zdeno Chara will be the captains of the two All-Star teams. Alfredsson has already named is first pick as teammate, Erik Karlsson. Apparently, this selection was made not only because Karlsson is a good player but because Alfredsson’s children would be disappointed if he did not pick Karlsson.

While it was heavily rumored that Alfredsson would be one of the team captains (after all, they are playing in Canada), Alfredsson himself was excited to hear the news. “Everybody was kind of telling me it was going to happen,” Alfredsson said. “I didn’t know for sure. I guess I was expecting it from all the rumors. But it’s a great honor and it will be fun to go up against Chara, as well. I played with him for a long time, and then played against him for a long time. He’s one of the players I respect the most in the league and I look forward to beating him.”

When Chara was asked who his first selection would be in the All-Star draft he added, “Nope.” “We’ll see how it goes and what the picks are going to be like.” His coach Claude Julien chimed in with: “I told him if he wanted to remain captain in Boston he had to make his coach his first pick,” Julien said, joking. “I thought that was one of the criteria, so we’ll see how he handles that.”

All kidding aside, Chara added that to be named captain by his fellow players is one of the top honors a player can get. “To be a captain on your team and then you get selected to the All-Star Game, and then the players vote you as captain of the All-Star team, it’s another honor on top of that,” said Chara, who will be making his sixth All-Star Game appearance. “I really appreciate that and it’s a privilege. I take it to my soul and I really appreciate that. You’re among the top players in the League, and when you’re selected as a captain, it’s an honor.” “To have that respect, it’s a privilege,” he said. “Not too many players can experience that so I’m very happy about that. As a person, as a dad, a hockey player, I always try to do my best and really serve the purpose of my duties. That’s all I can do, just try to do my best and whatever I do.”

Both team captains will make their official selections on Thursday January 26, 2012.


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