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The Commish speaks–All Star Edition

Bettman’s revelations during the All Star Break


Phoenix CoyotesWell, at least we weren’t hurting for news and info during the All Star break as the Commish didn’t really dish a whole lot out, despite a Saturday meeting with the Board of Governors. Apparently the Coyotes are very much at the top of their agenda in terms of getting the ownership issue resolved andkeeping the team in Arizona. Bettman described a scenario where there are three interested parties in purchasing the team and he hopes a deal is in place by the end of this season. After two years of NHL receivership, they hope so.



The real question here is, does the NHL need to keep the team in Phoenix? Bettman doesn’t seem to want the team to move from it’s current location no matter who buys them and I can’t help but ask why? With as much uncertainty as there’s been about the teams status not only in the league but in the state of Arizona, they’ve successfully driven away fans and rank last in the league, drawing an average of 11,633 or 67.9% of stadium capacity at Jobing.com Arena, ranked 29th in home attendance last year and last again the year before.Jobing.com Arena, home of the Coyotes. The lea...



Why dazzle you with numbers? To prove my point that the city of Glendale, Arizona is not currently and will not support the Coyotes. In the past two years, the Coyotes reached the playoffs while pulling in the worst attendance (or 2nd worst) in the league.  They tried hockey in the Grand Canyon State and didn’t find a taste for it. It probably didn’t help with the nasty falling out between owner Jerry Moyes (and his financial woes) and the NHL. Whatever the case, it’s probably the same 11,633 people each night showing up to these games and it’s sad that the rest of the Phoenix metro area couldn’t get onboard.


And you know what? We’ll probably hear the same griping (most likely from the 11,633 regular attendees) that we do from every other city that loses a franchise. In this case, however, the drama between the city and the NHL has gone on too long and is continuing to push fans away from the sport and it’s a shame. It’s time for all parties to move on and if a sale hinges on getting the franchise to move to a city that will support it, then I see no reason in the numbers above why you couldn’t make that happen. Then again, you can’t ever really place a bet on the Bettman, especially after a very lawyerly statement like this gem he dropped in regards to other cities who may be interested in hosting the wayward franchise: “We’ve told anybody in any market who’s asked, who doesn’t have a team, ‘Don’t do anything on planning on having a team because we’re not making anybody any promises of anything’.” Really? Maybe the NHL doesn’t deserve the Coyotes…?


Oh, and Columbus will host the All Star extravaganza in 2013. That pretty much wraps up your pearls of wisdom from the Commish over  the past couple days.


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