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Justin’s Analysis & Preview of the Stanley Cup Final

As Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final quickly approaches, I find myself nervous for the series to get started. It has been an amazing season of hockey and I can’t wait for the Kings to continue their magical run. Here is my analysis of the series:

I was reading stories and statistical analysis of the series on NHL.com and ESPN for several hours in preparation for writing this article. I was going to cover matchup’s, goalies, forechecking, Kings players playoff experience and other keys I thought necessary for the Kings to win the series. Then this thought struck me: FORGET ALL OF THAT! This series is going to come down to one thing and one thing only, HEART!!

The Kings have tons of it. This series is more than just the Stanley Cup. This series is about proving to the hockey world, especially the East Coast, that real hockey DOES exsist on the West Coast. This is about earning some R-E-S-P-E-C-T  through out the NHL and the hockey world in general!! This about erasing a 45 year drought that not even The Great One could save us from. This is old school pee wee hockey style hockey that’s  about one thing: kicking some Devil ass!

So forget everything you have read. The stats can’t tell you what I already know. The Kings have the heart of a lion and that is why the will be lifting the Cup.

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